62761232: Courier Exhibition

      The work for the express exhibition is a personal experiment in arts. The unique theme of the express exhibition makes me ponder about the present meaning of artists and their works with a brand-new perspective: Why do we engage in artworks today? What kind of interactive relationship is there between artworks and the masses? Is the only goal for artworks to be collected and shown by galleries, museums and art-collectors? The artwork “Donation” is based upon actual behavioral interaction. We found the giving object with the help of the Shanghai Charity Federation. When I saw the girl’s (the giving object) profile for the first time, I genuinely wanted to help her. I hope to investigate in this express exhibition is that when I show my work in front of them, how people will react to this familiar and yet strange scene. Although we did not receive a lot of funds, the interactive relationship that I have initially hoped for has been demonstrated thoroughly. This is exactly what I have imagined when I created this work in the first place.