Date: 2005-2008
Material: Mixed media
Size: Variable dimension

      The Virtual Scene is consisted of certain special objects used in entertainment place. From 1990s, in the background of globalization, the society and economy of China developed fast. It’s fundament shift to consider social and economic mode. You could feel the difference and impact only if you are right here.

      Just like some western economist said that what China contribute to the world is the brand new social development mode. Based on this mode, the new theory of capital accumulation comes.

      Shanghai is the test filed and leading area in the new social development mode of China. It got amazing fusion here when the new mode and old capital accumulation meets. They stroke but generated exciting and energetic power.

      Virtual Scene took this as background. The complicated factors in the new mode had been extracted through some entertainment activities which shows the path of social life, like people’s wise, impulse, ration, thinking, culture, adventure, allocation, gaming, leisure, intense, etc. It brought the new thinking way to the audiences.

      Today we need to initiate a new society development concept, meanwhile a new art mode. The old and stable thinking way needs these brand new highlights to refresh and stimulate.