Date: 2012
Material: Porcelain, iron wires
Size: Variable dimension

     Pace Beijing is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Beijing-based installation artist Liu Jianhua. Following his preview two solo exhibitions at Beijing Commune, the artist is examining a deeper exploration into the thematic overlap of contemporary art and the traditional Chinese spirit, unveiling a new aesthetic that drifts away from the prevailing popular value system in the country. 

     Untitled 2012 and 1.2 Meters. The works feature a daring materiality designed to deliver a new visual experience to the audience. Through these innovations in materials, the artist seeks to elicit a different interpretation from viewers than what is the customary response to other installation work. In Untitled 2012, Yingqing (Shadow Blue) antique dishes and Qinghua (Blue and White) porcelain are intentionally mixed together to create subtle nuances, implying the possibility of an objective judgment and recognition gained from daily observation. Our everyday perception has been skillfully transformed into a philosophical inquiry, with sculptural functionality serving as epistemological metaphor.


     1.2 Meters presents a constant feeling deeply woven into people’s daily life. This piece utilizes iron wires as its medium, reappropriating these mundane connective tools by elevating their utility from the anonymous materials of mass production to the precious status of rarefied art objects. Iron wires have been transformed and expanded from a kind of relatively violent material into a clearing where elegance and danger co-exist, opening a new perspective and the possibility of refreshed analysis and judgment.


     The era of information overload also poses the threat of cultural homogenization. In response to the pervasive current psychological state of people, trapped in an unthinking addiction to rapid development and technological innovation, Liu Jianhua tries to awaken a traditional spirit through his artistic creation. He provides a kind of reflection and introspection that is independent of any popular value and interest, a re-interpretation of individuality and spirituality in contemporary times.